A firm of Certified Public Accountants, was organized for the purpose of rendering top professional services in the fields of Auditing, Accounting, Tax and Management & Consulting Services. 

The founders, CPA’s Hiram J. Irizarry and Pablo J. Rodríguez had over twenty years of experience on public accounting field, having the opportunity to develop the professional background and the technical knowledge necessary to provide full services to their clients.
Location and Facilities
The firm is located in Victor Fernandez Industrial Park, 369 San Claudio Avenue, Suite #2, in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, (close to the Banco Popular Center in Cupey) with an approximate area of 5,000 square feet.
• Our fees are based on the economic reality of every particular business that we serve, as well as the economic development under which we live here in Puerto Rico, thus creating reasonable fees for each and all the services that we offer.

• Our office is staffed with well trained professionals, which permits us to offer complete services to our clients.  This permits and assures that whatever the necessity or question regarding services that our clients need; the client will receive answers, for their inquiries and service needs.

• Due to a reduced incident of personnel exchange, the firm can provide its clients with the key personnel that year after year familiarize itself more in detail with your company’s operations.  Therefore, this leads to a much wider vision of the company’s operations, which allows us to assist the client in the evaluation and development of the business.

With the experience and knowledge acquired, our professional staff can be in the best position to counsel the business owners and/or business administrators about the acquisition and implementation of the measures that will increase the objectives and accomplishments of the company.  Our people developed their careers in Puerto Rico, thus assuring our clients a thorough knowledge of local reporting requirements. 
Whatever your need may be in relation to any of these services, Irizarry, Rodríguez & Co., PSC is in the best disposition to provide you help, with the quality and promptness that we characterize in order to assure you that you will benefit from the opportunities that are available to you.

Our firm not only worries about the service costs of our clients, but also the importance and need to provide you with a personalized service.   The communication and personal involvement of the stockholders of Irizarry, Rodríguez & Co., PSC and their staff in the solution of client problems, constitutes an unmistakable goal, which assures them of the top quality of the services provided.
Firm philosophy and business approach

Some factors that have helped IRIZARRY, RODRÍGUEZ & CO., PSC in our continued growth are the following:

• Our stockholders and staff have constant direct communication and involvement with the business problems of our clients and has a one-on-one philosophy, which matches the experience relevant to the clients' needs.  Our people get to know the business, focusing years of experiences on the entity's goals.

• Our firm's policy is to retain and maintain a knowledgeable and well-trained professional staff to assure continuous and diverse top-quality services for our clients.

Irrizarry, Rodriguez & CO., PSC
Victor Fernandez Industrial Park
369 San Claudio Ave. Suite 2
Rio Piedras, PR 00926
Tel (787) 283.2100
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Quality Control System

Irizarry, Rodríguez & Co. CPA, PSC is a member of the Division for CPA Firms of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) (PRIVATE SECTOR).

Our firm complies with the stringent quality control standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the national professional organization of CPAs.

Peer reviews are required for membership in AICPA's Division for CPA firms; the Division is a voluntary self-regulatory organization of firms established to foster quality performance. About half of the CPAs in public practice are members of firms that have joined the Division under procedures established by the AICPA.

The reviewers make an independent assessment of the firm's quality control policies and procedures and inspected the working papers and reports on a representative sample of accounting and auditing engagements. They also inspect the firm's administrative files and records and conduct interviews with the professional personnel. The reviewers' report when accepted by the Division is maintained at the AICPA as a public file.

In evaluating a firm's quality controls a peer reviewer considers, among other things, what the firm has done to ensure that it hires only qualified people. That it properly supervises the personnel and provides them with adequate professional training that will advance them to further responsibilities that they are capable of handling. As well as if the firm provides the staff with all necessary technical resources.

Irizarry, Rodríguez & Co. CPA, PSC has established a structured educational program to satisfy staff’s requirements with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Puerto Rico Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Board of Accountancy, peer reviews, and engagement’s needs. Actually, an Audit Supervisor is in charge of investigating the new pronouncement, releases and rulings regarding our profession.
Periodically, a schedule of seminars and training is prepared. Compliance with the minimum credit hours is imperative. In addition, each staff member is evaluated and monitored in order to keep record on his/her professional growth, commitment, and responsibility.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants requires all firms to have a minimum of forty hours (40) credit courses in continued education per year, which at least twelve are in governmental accounting. Through the years, Irizarry, Rodríguez & Co. CPA, PSC has been committed with the professional knowledge and updated information